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Hi everyone.

This is my first post here, I hope to do it right, and thanks to doppelgangerqaf for inviting me in this wonderful community.

So, lately, I've been working up on a little project for a friend of mine, and I want to share it all with you guys.

Artist: shaudnly
Characters/People:Shane McCutcheon(Kate Moennig), Jenny Schecter(Mia Kirshner), Michelle Clunie (Melanie Marcus), Thea Gill (Lindsay Peterson)
A/N: Made for blondeboy69 (sorry for spam ^^) and If you use them, please give credits.

"The L Word" Teaser:

The L Word icons here @ shaudnly

"Queer As Folk" Teaser:

Queer As Folk icons here @ shaudnly

Happy Izzy
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Kate Moennig on "This just out"

So, dops showed us the video when Kate was on Liz Feldman's show the first time, and it was painful xD But hilarious xD

So, here we're again. Kate was there a second time, and even longer! (To watch the whole show(about 22- 25 minutes) go here: Kate Moennig on "THis Just Out"-Comedy show)

But I just found the Kate Scenes on youtube and want to share it with you *.*

This time Liz still calls Kate Shane, but not quite that often and it's really lovely, you can see Kate is having a good time :3

Watch till the very end! there is a scene after the credits!
Let me out.


AUTHOR: doppelgangerqaf
BETAED BY: buzziecat; Thanks for not grading this piece... How was din-din?
RATING: R; other warning--angst.
WORD COUNT: 972 words.
A/N: Part two of EVERYONE BUT ME Let me know what you guys think-- If you like it, I'll continue writing more. It might have 3 more short parts afterwards.

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Schweighöfer Bird

A clip for everybody...

Lately, all the artists in this comm are getting inspired by KATE MOENNIG from the L WORD which by the way, the 6th and last season will be aired starting this month. I'm not a big fan but I watch every epi coz of Kate... Dear, hot, sexy, Kate-- ehem *clears throat*

Oh, just wanna share one of the hottest SHANE scenes in the series.

Enjoy chono88. May we hear more panting from you hehe...

Shane as Hugo Boss Model.

P.S. I have good pics from this scene if anybody wants some...